Be Prepared to Breathe

Romance Your Inner Self

Hello Lovelies,


I recently made my way over to a Blog link as a result of re reading my lessons at Behind the Scenes with Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkeley.

One of the suggested reading was that of Tara Sophia Mohr’s motivational speaking, articles, poems and so much more. It this doesn’t help to get your Creative Self to become visible … I don’t now what will.

The blog is by Tara Sophia Mohr – wise living, and well … OH MY … It was like I was given oxygen …

If you sign up for her newletter, you receive the most awesome ebook – 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook … and more.

Her Blog is beautifully written and speaks to all who read every morsel. I have saved her link, added it to my Blogroll just in case I lose it …

You will be inspired and surprised to see that we all will come away from her wisdom so freely shared and lovingly nudging our creative self.

She is more than motivational, Tara is brilliant!

This one will have you glued to the screen!!

Please check her out and download her wonderful 10 Rules … just to start. I know you’ll love love love

Until the next thought …  Love

Have a lovely Sunday

Joy xo


Five Questions

I was supposed to do this for July 18th but I didn’t have my Blog ready yet so here goes:

I took the most amazing class this summer over a period of four weeks and 16 classes. It was all about creating an amazing Blog … so that’s what started this journey.  It was way too short because we had the most fun with two amazing ladies who make everything they teach sound so easy. A lot of thought was put into this class, a pleasure to be part of and it was professional, genuine and caring because of Kim and Xanthe.

Here are my Five Questions answered. I was going to do a mock up in Photoshop but I’ve been too busy working on the blog to get to that.

Question 1:

What makes you happy ? … in 5 words or less? ~

Grandbabies, Beach, Cat, Photographing Everything!

Question 2:

Which talent would you most like to have? ~

To paint in watercolours. (thank goodness I can pretend in Photoshop) and I would love to Play the Piano.

Question 3:

Which word or phrases do you overuse the most? ~ Well up to about 8 weeks ago, I said “Someday” a lot!! I have decided to quit using that and replace it with “When“,  another is, “I know“, and one I hate using everytime I say it is “Frikin” … why I got onto that one I have no idea and I say Cool a lot … hmm, and ‘Just Listen’

Question 4:

What is your favourite movie or book or both?~

Wow, I love movies and books but don’t get a lot of time to read. I like a good movie first. I will say ‘OVERBOARD’ with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, I could watch it two hundred times and never get tired of it. Always a smile comes from that. I have many favourites for Christmastime, and love some great recent movies/book like,  The Help … but Overboard just plain makes me feel great.

Question 5:

If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat, where might it be? ~

I just thought of something … revisiting my answer here …. below is my big dream however, while I was thinking about it longer and harder, I realized I had a wish in regards to this question months ago. I would love to be able to go to CAMP SHUTTER SISTERS … I longed to go last year. The fact that it was at the BEACH was the biggest draw. I couldn’t afford it though but thankfully, I was able to live some of it virtually through Kim and now Xanthe … which made it feel much more real. Such positiveness came from that sharing. Thanks ladies!!

It really is a toss up between two equally appealing to me, the UK or Australia but if those were not possible then my soul replenishing stand by would be the Oregon Coast. I have always come away from there filled with new ideas, a sense of calm,  and awesome photographs. It’s time to go again as it’s been ten years. Miss it.

So, that’s it from me. Thanks Kim and Xanthe.  I may put together something in Photoshop for this yet.

Until the next thought …   Love

Joy xo

Favourite Quotes and How They Play

Good Day My Friends,

Did you know that you are going to have the most AMAZING Day today?

I don’t know about you but I am a Quote Junkie … have been since I dunno … probably high school.  I’ve been adding them to pictures for years, even back in the film days where I’d scan the photo, put on a quote or word, laminate them and voila, … fridge magnets!  I believe I’m a bit more sophisticated now though … but maybe that’s because of the ease in the digital world now. So much can be done to an image to make it so very unique. We really are fortunate to have evolved with this medium allowing our creative self to sit up there with the great artists of history.

My favourite PEOPLE who made so many of those quotes I love and use over and over are:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Mark Twain
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Mary Oliver
  • Elizabeth Barret Browning
  • Helen Keller
  • Mother Teresa
  • Buddha
  • Gandhi

to name a few. So as I gather them up this will be where I shall share them with you.  I hope we’ll all be able to find them. I am saying that because I made a new ‘Page’ but it disappeared and the only way I could see it was in my ‘dashboard’ even though it said it was published. So it’s now also up on the menu above as Favourite Quotes but I wanted it as a post … and so it goes.  I have to pay attention to what I’m doing.

Anyhow, … if I gather quotes, I will probably put them there to save them for when any one needs them. We’ll see … this blogging thing is hard to wrap my head around so far.

I love using quotes inside images, it just makes me feel good making all things right with the world. I mean really, if everyone in the world would read and take to heart what has been said over and over in the past, there would be peace.

I like how new stories are experienced by pairing the quote with an image. It’s fun to sync these together.

It makes for great greeting cards, calendars and affirmation posters.

Think about this … when you DO read a quote about something all Feel Good, Warm and Fuzzy?  … it’s usually ON a photograph now isn’t it? What better way of getting a point across.

Who so ever loves believes the impossible. ~~ Elizabeth Barret Browning

This makes me smile …

If we read something nice every morning when we get out of bed … don’t you think the day would go better? Really, it does because we are programming our mind to listen and take note.

Lose the Fear of things … they’re just things.

The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we Desire, not on things we Fear. ~~ William Law  – Think about this, it’s brilliant!

My three year old granddaughter is fearful of nothing, she had a blast climbing the rocks at Crescent Beach. We are not born with fear. Three year olds know the drill, they have it down pat. This is not to say the adults are to just sit back and ignore real danger, not saying that. I’m saying, give the kids leeway. They will learn from their own instincts when they have reached a limit. Pay attention.

That reminds me of my favourite Mary Oliver quote: Pay Attention, Be Astonished, Tell About It!


YOU are already AMAZING

Now REALLY … how could you NOT feel good first thing in the morning after looking at THIS adorable face? This is Dudley, my ceramic dragon … and he just makes me happy to look at him. Since this is the year of the WATER Dragon, I made this earlier this year for my Beyond Layers class, ( the image, not the dragon) which by the way I will add all sorts of goodies and link ups to do with that as I go. Just too much content to share in a short period of time here. However, I will share all of that with you as we continue our journey together … you are going to love it all!!

I could go on and on with sharing these now but I better go do  a restart on the computer as it keeps popping up reminding me it has updates. Ugh … technology eh? Whatcha gonna do?

Tell yourself, today will be a great day … try it, then report back to me okay?

Till the next thought …   Love ~

Joy xo

Hello Creative People!

Dance Twirl

Welcome to Lensdancing with Joy.

Does that sound cheesy ? … well, if it does, that’s all I got for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with something better later.

I have begun to build this blog many times over, only to trash it and start over. Something wasn’t right with this or that or … SO I have decided to just DO IT … I will go with the flow as I go and maybe one or two of you will come along for the dance while I get my footing with this new blogging world.

I have created this blog with the hope of conveying my love of photography, to share the world I photograph, how and who inspires me, motivates me, challenges me and excites me.

YOU are important to me. I want you to be the best YOU can be and I hope by showing you the best ME I can be then that will begin the DANCE between us.

Here you can let your hair down, be at home, sit and have a coffee, tea … etc. and visit while I share my world.

The post processing of an image is just as important as the image itself, … I believe that. I am a digital artist … I am a Photographer … I am an Artist period.

I invite you to join my journey as an artist where I will share the creative process with you, the beauty, the emotion, the laughter and the motivations that truly make us what we are in the art world.

Lensdancing … what is it?

Learning to see creatively, seeing the light, seeing the story, imagining the whole picture BEFORE you press the shutter.

Do you LOVE to take pictures?

Do You love to MAKE pictures?

What do you really see when you look through the viewfinder?

Do you Feel the impact of the image?

When you lift the camera to your eye, it is usually because something has caught your attention. …yes?

NOW, how to convey what caught your eye into a lasting impression of the image where you feel it again and again is they key.

I will be sharing all the things that interest me, or what I have learned as a Photographer who is an Artist …. or as an Artist who is a photographer.

I invite you to explore my world where I will share:

1. Snippets from my Life and how they affect my photography.

2. Post Processing Tips in Photoshop

3. Links to Awesome People in Photoshop and world of Photography

4. Recipes in Photoshop, what I’ve learned.

5. Links to quotes, brushes, fonts, textures … and more.

and much more.

So there you have it my creative lovelies.

If I ever get this blog organized we’ll be good!!

Until the next thought …

Joy xo

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