Hello Creative People!

Dance Twirl

Welcome to Lensdancing with Joy.

Does that sound cheesy ? … well, if it does, that’s all I got for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with something better later.

I have begun to build this blog many times over, only to trash it and start over. Something wasn’t right with this or that or … SO I have decided to just DO IT … I will go with the flow as I go and maybe one or two of you will come along for the dance while I get my footing with this new blogging world.

I have created this blog with the hope of conveying my love of photography, to share the world I photograph, how and who inspires me, motivates me, challenges me and excites me.

YOU are important to me. I want you to be the best YOU can be and I hope by showing you the best ME I can be then that will begin the DANCE between us.

Here you can let your hair down, be at home, sit and have a coffee, tea … etc. and visit while I share my world.

The post processing of an image is just as important as the image itself, … I believe that. I am a digital artist … I am a Photographer … I am an Artist period.

I invite you to join my journey as an artist where I will share the creative process with you, the beauty, the emotion, the laughter and the motivations that truly make us what we are in the art world.

Lensdancing … what is it?

Learning to see creatively, seeing the light, seeing the story, imagining the whole picture BEFORE you press the shutter.

Do you LOVE to take pictures?

Do You love to MAKE pictures?

What do you really see when you look through the viewfinder?

Do you Feel the impact of the image?

When you lift the camera to your eye, it is usually because something has caught your attention. …yes?

NOW, how to convey what caught your eye into a lasting impression of the image where you feel it again and again is they key.

I will be sharing all the things that interest me, or what I have learned as a Photographer who is an Artist …. or as an Artist who is a photographer.

I invite you to explore my world where I will share:

1. Snippets from my Life and how they affect my photography.

2. Post Processing Tips in Photoshop

3. Links to Awesome People in Photoshop and world of Photography

4. Recipes in Photoshop, what I’ve learned.

5. Links to quotes, brushes, fonts, textures … and more.

and much more.

So there you have it my creative lovelies.

If I ever get this blog organized we’ll be good!!

Until the next thought …

Joy xo

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Happy blogging!


8 thoughts on “Hello Creative People!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the support overall. I’m so new to this blogging thing. I hope to see you again this fall at club, don’t be a stranger okay?
      Your work is beautiful and I popped by your blog pages … very pretty and a nice place for a tea party indeed.
      Best wishes on your dreams so nice to see you here.


  1. Your new web site is brilliant! Just love your pictures. Looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work. Hope you are having a peaceful and relaxing summer.


    • Oh May, how nice of you to take the time and visit my new space here. It’s kind of like decorating a new home, very exciting.
      I’m still learning the blog thing but I do hope to utilized every ounce of opportunity presented to further my presence on the web to share, learn, inspire and be inspired.
      You are so kind in you words and manner, I am blessed to know you. Your beautiful flower images are very special and I love seeing them.
      I do hope you are having a wonderful summer and we shall meet again in the fall at club as another fantastic year unfolds.
      Thank you so much for coming here and supporting my newest endeavour.

  2. You’re doing a wonderful job! Keep it up. I’m always amazed at your photos and only wish I could do even half as well.

    Hugs and blessings,
    Jeannnette aka Jnett

    • Dear Jnett,

      How wonderful to see you here!! I’m so pleased you made an appearance. It makes my heart happy!
      OH my goodness, don’t sell yourself short my friend, your talent in creating cards is amazing! Absolutely gorgeous work.
      I don’t have a lick of talent in that department. All my cards are just my photos attached to the front. You MAKE the receipt and the memory of one of your creations a cherished treasure.
      I do hope you are taking some time to replenish yourself, you need some down time. Worry about yourself for awhile rather than fill your schedule to overflowing for others.
      They can handle it without you you know.
      Please check out Tara Sophia Mohr’s pages, I know they’ll speak to you. http://www.taramohr.com/
      Thank you for always supporting me in my artistic quest.

      With love and hugs always my friend,

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