Happy BC Day

The gorgeous PINK Dogwood inspired the title of my blog.

Happy BC Day here in British Columbia

It’s a Holiday across Canada celebrating each province this weekend.

I do hope you have all had a fun, safe and enjoyable weekend.

I thought it would be nice to share our Provincial Flower with you … it is the DOGWOOD

BC’s Provincial Flower


I used Kim Klassen’s texture – kk Serious Magic on this twice with Screen Blend Mode reducing the opacity on each and adding a blur filter which I masked out only the flowers. Now I’m looking at it here and I’m thinking I should have brightened them up. They were in the shade … hmm.

I captured these Dogwood in bloom while sitting outside my grand-children’s school in June on a bench right under this beautiful tree.  I had arrived early for an award presentation so had some time to spare. Rather than leave and go back I decided to sit and write in my Beyond Layers journal. I looked up and above me to see the tree heavy in blooms. It was a bright day so I hadn’t even noticed them when I initially walked toward it.

I had my camera with me to capture the awards the kids were receiving so what better time to make use of that. I haven’t been hauling my heavy camera around too much lately. It must weigh ten pounds, some days feels like twenty and since my arm has been giving me grief, I tend to leave it at home when not going out with specific intent … or I’m just getting lazy.

I think I’ll go find some BC Facts and add them here later today so off to find them …

later … =0)




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