Five Fact Friday August 10th

Graycee our Baby

Yes … she wakes up from what look to be bad dreams, cries, shakes her head, then comes over and jumps up on the desk between me and the keyboard for some cuddles. Leans on me waiting for me to acknowledge her presence … so funny. She’ll lay over my arms, she’ll sit on the keyboard … NOTICE ME!! … I’ll give her a hug and snuggle then off she goes back to her bed until I get up to go to bed.

She’s a great mouser … we live on acreage in the country so that’s a fact of life. I don’t mind that she kills them … it’s if she eats them that grosses me out. Sorry … gross I know, fact of life though. She most likely didn’t kill them until she was living outside for over a year before we got her. And, a lot of loving had to be done to allow her to trust again.

Sophie, her predecessor, would kill and leave them where I could see them just to let me know she was doing her job. And speaking of Sophie, we lost her right before we brought Graycee home. She was killed by a coyote … another drawback to the country. A hot August night … doors open and no screens damit. As a matter of fact I mention her because it is 4 years today (I write this on the 12th of Aug) … that it happened. Yep … devastated here … it’s like losing one of your children, well you know what I mean … heart-wrenching, and I miss her every day. She was only seven.  The year before that, we lost her brother Tucker, who died in my arms.

Hardest thing I’ve ever experienced with any of my animals. Remember the year of the cat food recall? Well that is the spring we lost him (2006). However it may not have been to do with that as he had been hit by a car a year and a half before that, survived the odds and graced us with his fur baby love for 18 more months. Most likely liver failure from the damage as it can take a long time for it to manifest itself but boy, when he went, he went fast. Only a week-ish prior is when I noticed something wasn’t right. My poor Tuck … he was six. He was an awesome cat, had Ragdoll in him … gentle and accomedating especially to the grandchildren … he loved everyone.

Okay … enough about that … didn’t mean to bring anyone down. But … hey that’s life and each experience, love, sorrow, pain, grief in any capacity allows us to grow.

Anyway … I started this extra post hours ago, left to go make dinner and totally forgot about it. Better publish!!

I’ll put up something more fun tomorrow … I have been spending the better part of the past three days trying to get my lensdancer email to work in my windows mail. Suddenly it won’t load, can’t connect to the computer or my phone so it’s driving me mad. In the mean time, I’m not getting my work done. Argggggh~ All the others are working … geez laweez.

Until the next thought my friends …

Joy xo


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