Painting the Photoshop Way

This lovely image was achieved by using the Oil Paint filter. The process is so simple. More info to come.


Using the Oil Paint filter in CS6  or Pixel Bender in CS5

First here is a pretty I whipped up in not too many steps.

I was a back up photographer for my daughter a couple of weeks ago. While she was shooting the formal requests from the bride, I was wandering and playing by shooting some candids and best of all the little things. I love weddings in that respect but boy I couldn’t do this for a living. Every time I have shot a wedding I am so totally exhausted the next day I might as well not plan anything.

Anyway, here is one little thing … the beautiful bouquet.  I will add more to this soon but for now I just wanted to get this up.

Enjoy … the finished product for now and I will put up the recipe as soon as I can.

Until the next thought,

Joy xo


4 thoughts on “Painting the Photoshop Way

  1. Hi Joy,
    Your bouquet photo is STUNNING! Oh my, I love that. Everything about that is wonderful. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left last month on my Reflection of You guest post – we certainly shared much of the same experience. I think I’m now addicted to any class that Kim teaches! My darn full time job is getting in the way of me getting to spend more time playing with all the wonderful technique we learned. So much potential!

    Have a great week,

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