Lensdancer Calendar 2013 – Sample Preview

Each year I make a calendar for your desk using my creations, usually including quotes within the image intended to give you a smile or to brighten you day, week, month. This year Lensdancer Studios (that’s me, =0) ) is pleased to present the 2013 edition.
I apologize for the lateness since it is January already. It would have been done had I not had some major computer problems and some life getting in the way.
But it is here now so if you fancy a copy, please drop me a line in the comments. $20 US/CND plus shipping.
It’s a CD Case style, perfect for any small space, desk, counter etc. Pop over to my Flickr pages to see more of my work and watch next year’s edition unfold.
Thank you for your visit … I love having company!!


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