Nurture Your Spirit

Behind this line of overgrown Christmas trees ….

The large stance of Douglas Fir, Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Hemlock, in the background covers about two blocks in width and about a block in breadth. We call it the Fairy Forest (to my Grands) … and in March is it is where the Leprechauns hang out. It’s quite dense once inside and you really feel like you are in another world. The quiet is deafening, the air is thick with fresh evergreen scents (imagine being inside the Christmas Tree or inside your cedar chest!) Good for your lungs, good for your soul, good for your heart.
Years ago, I took two of my grands there and we spent the good part of an hour each time. They ran, cavorted, used down logs as balance beams, sat inside the hollow tree, found evidence of Leprechauns … yes really, =0). We learned about growth, decay, life, death, age and nourishment. I loved being a part of that with them, I love that this forest is close to me.

This is Walter’s forest … that’s the owners name. He pops by my house now and then to use my driveway to access it so he can go check out what might yield new firewood, damage that might have been caused from the kids, and the like. He brings us homemade cookies (by him) as a thank you … my, are they ever good. He bought the property eons ago to build a house for his wife then she didn’t want to live there so it sits as it was some forty years ago. The area has always been quite forested and still is in some parts. I love that about here. I can get this and be near to the ocean … I’m good forever!
I haven’t been in there for quite some time. Maybe this spring I’ll take my 4 year old granddaughter in. There are fallen logs, hollow trees, trails made by the high school kids nearby, brunt out stumps (vandalism), a trail that leads to the next road over, small wildlife, and the canopy is almost thick enough you cannot see the sky. When the sun shines, it casts rays through the branches and places dapples of light here and there …. it really is magnificent. If I go in late spring then there will be new life sprouting up … sooooo green. I think next time I go, I’ll take a little bucket to bring back some cedar chips for my closet … naturally made =0).

Until then I can dream. I must look back at my archives to find some images from within … I get so busy with everything else I forget I did have my camera with me a couple of times with the kids.


3 thoughts on “Nurture Your Spirit

    • Helmi!
      So nice to see you here … and thank you for visiting. I’m ashamed to say I have not been keeping my blog organized and up to date as I had planned but it’s coming together again.
      I need to put some more tutorial type content and stories into this to keep it interesting. Life got in the way for a time and now just maybe I can get with it again.
      See you soon my friend.

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