Painting the Dawn

As a photographer, I seek moments in life that allow me to breathe.

This morning (which was Jan 24th) where the dawn brought an inversion weather phenomenon was worth getting out of my nice warm bed … trek out to the back of our property to watch the mist meander, lift, fall, dance …
Is this not what we should embrace in our life? Is this not what our soul needs to become nourished? … I think so.

Too much unrest, distrust, disillusionment, in our world. Too many people trying to dispose of the beauty.

If each person could rest their eyes on such beauty even for a moment per day, … do you think it would bring us closer to peace?
If each person in the world would rest their eyes on such beauty for a moment each day … all over the world, … Peace could be possible. Peace starts with you.

Now, you see, … I’m not a morning person but this particular morning, my husband woke me to tell me to look out of the window. Well … I’m thinking to myself, I should get my you know what out of this nice warm bed and go shoot this and at that time it was blazing orange thick fog over the the trees in the foreground with the tops of the large firs etc., towering above. Most of which are 100′ plus. It moves so quickly, I knew … it would surely go away by the time I get ready to go … oh yeah, it’s about the equivalent of two blocks to the spot I want to stand.
But … I managed to dress, unload images on my card beforehand, remember to get the battery off the charger and into the camera and off I went.

I took a series of images while it was moving and stood there in awe as I always do in such moments, feeling blessed that I had this opportunity … more so that I got my rear out of the house to shoot the beauty.
Winter always drags me down but soon as we get into January I feel the lift … it just happens. Even though January is basically the beginning of winter, I manage to find something to capture, unplanned, around my birthday which was the 22nd. It sort of marks the change in my mood. The light starts to stay longer …. I feel brighter, clearer, you know?

As I process a few more of this image I’ll add them I think … so you can share in the beauty. We all need moments of beauty …

I’ve always wanted to paint the dawn and today I did.
Quote by David Hockney:
I’ve always wanted to be able to paint the dawn.

Until the next time, be well,
xo Joy


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