‘2 Beyond’ My Valentine for 2B Day 3

Beyond Beyond …
Refreshing to start a new year of creativity with Kim Klassen.
Today’s image is a mosaic created for Day 3 of 2B … some Focusing and Layouts fun.



The beauty of dawn never ceases to take my breath away …
Everyone on the world should take more moments to see the beauty around them … there would be far less ‘unrest’ on this planet and more preserving what our planet offers us by promoting our lives into being nourished by such wonders.

This was taken a couple of years ago. Found it and reworked it to enhance and add a little bit of magic to something already magical.
Photoshop, Lightroom, and onOne Perfect Effects were used … but sparingly to bring into the image what I actually felt at the time. The fleeting moments of dawn as in twilight …. nothing better.

Walter’s forest has seen many a dawn and lends me a perfect backdrop for such scene.

Have a lovely week everyone!
I must get to posting a proper blog post one of these days … I’m all out of whack at the moment.

Til the next one …
xo Joy