So Long Maple Family

I am really bummed. My favourite Maple trees across the street were cut down last week. They live in a tree nursery and the owner decided that because they weren’t selling and getting too big, he would cut them down.
I didn’t think in a million years they would ever leave other than being sold. I’m so sad =0( because I used to take these shots every fall … the most glorious colour. I am going to miss this wash of colour … will have to go hunt for some more but this was nice being so close.

When I captured this image, I had a neutral density filter on, I think 800 ISO because it was near dusk in the shade, and I used the Multiple Exposure setting panning up and down. I do think I only had it on three shots though …. so long dear maples … there were eight of them … I think this will spark a few ideas to bring more of what I took last time into some artwork.


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