What I’m About

Vancouver – British Columbia – Canada
My Home Town

Me … Joy Gerow, the Artist who is a Photographer, or the Photographer who is an Artist

I grew up in the big city … Vancouver BC Canada

In every waking moment, I was open and experienced the beauty of my environment. I had parents who allowed me to explore my creative self whether it was to climb a tree, paint the fence, fingerpaint, bake cookies, listen to music,  or just play and cavorrt in our big back yard laying under the clouds spotting the cloud animals on a summer day.

I was fortunate to have a bestest friend whose Mom was an artist, a painter. I learned very early on about colour, composition, blending, focus, content and impact. This early education I believe, has allowed me to be open to every ounce of creative flow in my mind. To allow me to be constantly aware of my surroundings, my environment and how I want to preserve how I feel when I am capturing my journey through this amazing life for which I am grateful . I have been seriously into photography since about 1988, only because of no camera prior to that which was unfortunate as that was when my kids were growing up.

I now live out in the Fraser Valley ( about 35 miles from Vancouver with my husband and cat Graycee. We have 8 grandchildren who are a constant source of laughter and inspiration. We value LIFE and every moment we have to experience it.

When I get up in the morning, my first thoughts are always of ‘what I will create today’.  That being said, I don’t mean it is always artwork … although that happens constantly, but I also mean, I will create an AWESOME day!  I will get to more of that in my daily ramblings and then you will see how good it is to allow your creative mind to benefit your overall mood.

My favourite thing about summer.

My Creative Workflow:

In my work, I combine a passion for photography, an ever-growing understanding and desire in the mastery of digital imaging techniques and knowledge gained from many years observing great artists. Being able to express myself through my art gives me purpose. By sharing it, I hope to engage the viewer with the image to allow them to leave their reality, to evoke an emotional response no matter what it may be.

The creation process itself provides a glimpse into my dreams and it makes my heart happy to have the ability to experiment with my thought process  bringing a satisfying connection to the piece of artwork. By choosing elements that work together to form a cohesive message, I am able to create a composite image more powerful than its individual parts.

My soul is nourished when I am challenged during my creative exploration. The interactive process of selecting and assembling feeds my artistic intuition.

The digital realm being so forgiving offering so many options for exploration becomes part of the challenge. The computer is not merely a shortcut for what is possible with the camera but instead allows me to discover what is possible in no other medium.

In today’s world of creativity indeed, my mind is open to the possibilities and the paint will never be fully dry.

So lets share the dance shall we?

That’s me …

In friendship,



4 thoughts on “What I’m About

  1. Great job Joy.
    This looks like it could be the start of something great for you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best Regards,

    • Thank you so much Glen, I appreciate your support. I’m definitely looking towards greatness with this blog!!
      Have a wonderful summer. See you again in September.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello Joy! Thank you for visiting my blog and for following 🙂
    I read yours and like it! Love your photographic work too, awesome compilations and moon shots.
    Don’t understand how we didn’t “meet” earlier through BTS or Beyond Layers… strange…
    I love this wordpress theme by the way. No longer then yesterday I hesitated on using it for a “writing” blog in my mother language (dutch).
    See you soon!
    Marleen (from BTS1, BL2, TT)

  3. Hi Joy! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I have been browsing your blog and it is absolutely wonderful! You seem to have such an amazingly uplifting spirit that shines through in your writing and your pictures!! I will definitely add you to my favorite blogs so I can savor and enjoy your spirit – I hope it is contagious!!! Blessings!!!

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