Painting the Dawn

As a photographer, I seek moments in life that allow me to breathe.

This morning (which was Jan 24th) where the dawn brought an inversion weather phenomenon was worth getting out of my nice warm bed … trek out to the back of our property to watch the mist meander, lift, fall, dance …
Is this not what we should embrace in our life? Is this not what our soul needs to become nourished? … I think so.

Too much unrest, distrust, disillusionment, in our world. Too many people trying to dispose of the beauty.

If each person could rest their eyes on such beauty even for a moment per day, … do you think it would bring us closer to peace?
If each person in the world would rest their eyes on such beauty for a moment each day … all over the world, … Peace could be possible. Peace starts with you.

Now, you see, … I’m not a morning person but this particular morning, my husband woke me to tell me to look out of the window. Well … I’m thinking to myself, I should get my you know what out of this nice warm bed and go shoot this and at that time it was blazing orange thick fog over the the trees in the foreground with the tops of the large firs etc., towering above. Most of which are 100′ plus. It moves so quickly, I knew … it would surely go away by the time I get ready to go … oh yeah, it’s about the equivalent of two blocks to the spot I want to stand.
But … I managed to dress, unload images on my card beforehand, remember to get the battery off the charger and into the camera and off I went.

I took a series of images while it was moving and stood there in awe as I always do in such moments, feeling blessed that I had this opportunity … more so that I got my rear out of the house to shoot the beauty.
Winter always drags me down but soon as we get into January I feel the lift … it just happens. Even though January is basically the beginning of winter, I manage to find something to capture, unplanned, around my birthday which was the 22nd. It sort of marks the change in my mood. The light starts to stay longer …. I feel brighter, clearer, you know?

As I process a few more of this image I’ll add them I think … so you can share in the beauty. We all need moments of beauty …

I’ve always wanted to paint the dawn and today I did.
Quote by David Hockney:
I’ve always wanted to be able to paint the dawn.

Until the next time, be well,
xo Joy


REMEMBER to Smile in 2013 xo

I’m going backwards here … but I did post this on Flickr ON January 1st and just today learned how to connect my blog and Flickr together so forgive … it takes me awhile sometimes to learn and utilize these little tricks that pop up.

Happy New Year Dear Friends!!
May you find Love, Light and Happiness through an abundance of creativity and know your Possibilities are always in reach if you ‘Just Start’ …

Enjoy Your DAY!

Lensdancer Calendar 2013 – Sample Preview

Each year I make a calendar for your desk using my creations, usually including quotes within the image intended to give you a smile or to brighten you day, week, month. This year Lensdancer Studios (that’s me, =0) ) is pleased to present the 2013 edition.
I apologize for the lateness since it is January already. It would have been done had I not had some major computer problems and some life getting in the way.
But it is here now so if you fancy a copy, please drop me a line in the comments. $20 US/CND plus shipping.
It’s a CD Case style, perfect for any small space, desk, counter etc. Pop over to my Flickr pages to see more of my work and watch next year’s edition unfold.
Thank you for your visit … I love having company!!

Painting the Photoshop Way

This lovely image was achieved by using the Oil Paint filter. The process is so simple. More info to come.


Using the Oil Paint filter in CS6  or Pixel Bender in CS5

First here is a pretty I whipped up in not too many steps.

I was a back up photographer for my daughter a couple of weeks ago. While she was shooting the formal requests from the bride, I was wandering and playing by shooting some candids and best of all the little things. I love weddings in that respect but boy I couldn’t do this for a living. Every time I have shot a wedding I am so totally exhausted the next day I might as well not plan anything.

Anyway, here is one little thing … the beautiful bouquet.  I will add more to this soon but for now I just wanted to get this up.

Enjoy … the finished product for now and I will put up the recipe as soon as I can.

Until the next thought,

Joy xo

Handwriting – Will it end up being a lost art?

A Love Note to ‘Me’


I found this today (September 19th) in my Artists’ Way Toolkit … I love Julia Cameron, this quote says it all …

Creative Affirmation

Writing by hand is like walking somewhere, instead of whizzing there in the car. We notice landmarks.  We retain a sense of direction.  Writing by hand will show us the True North and the false directions and switchbacks that have occurred, the shortcuts that saved us nothing and took us nowhere. – Julia Cameron, Vein of Gold


Day 57 – Beyond Layers – Send You a Letter A love note to ME … Kim prompted us to send our-self a love note in whatever medium we choose. We don’t give our-self enough credit, or show ourselves the respect for our own creativity often enough. The textures that I used here were Kim’s three Sonnet Trio beauties. So nice.

Taking care of life, family, daily everything and then finding time to do something for oneself is difficult at times. Sometimes we feel guilty if we indulge when other things are pressing us to complete. Writing a letter to ‘you’ kind of helps to remind yourself that You Count so tell yourself how wonderful you are, go ahead, just as you would to a friend … try it, write it, mail it in a real post office mailbox and see what happens when it arrives back to you.

You know what occurred to me just now while looking at my letter? … Apparently some duffus or some ‘political eruptus’ has decided to make it a rule, or not that it not be mandatory to teach writing or ‘Script’ or Cursive in schools any longer. Does this make any sense at all? Not to me it doesn’t ………. I cannot fathom a world of Printers.

The art of ‘Writing’ is in fact that … an art. If you are taught the correct way, the act of writing I feel even helps you to be neat, tidy, complete and respectful of well, words. I don’t know what this world is coming to when something so personal becomes passe in this big world of technology. I love technology … I thrive on all my camera, computer, phone, can all do but to make it a Rule to not teach it … is to me mind boggling. ………  I LOVE writing … My Dad taught me and he was #1 in script or cursive if you will … he taught me the soul of it. He was born in 1902 and back then, that was a very important aspect of school. So much importance was given to penmanship, … neatness, spelling, grammar. Even when I was in school, your grade in no matter what subject was made up of your ability to spell, grammar and neatness even if it was a Science test. I believe it was the Maclean method. I have to go find the spelling, oops.  Maybe I should teach my grandchildren eh? I need to put this story on my blog … yes? So here it is. I would love to hear if you have been informed by any of your school connections (by way of your own kids or grandkids) as to what the power that be has decided to do about this.

I know that two of my grandchildren are still being taught cursive because the teacher thinks it is important. They are in grades five and six.  I commend their teachers for having the guts to go for it.

I ask that if you do hear of this in your community, say something … say it loudly, because if we all stay quiet about it, the idiot that is overusing his thumbs on his iPhone will get his way. If we don’t question the rule makers in such things, then the idea will go into effect without us knowing until we wake up one day and the whole instruction of it is gone. Oh my goodness … that is just so hard to understand.

The first I heard of this being a problem was actually while I was watching a NAPP episode with Matt K speaking about it being tossed out in his kid’s school. They’re in Florida … then I heard about it up here … I’m in Canada, in BC. What the hell? Who is even putting this pea brained idea into the school’s curriculums heads?

Anyhow, that’s it for me for the moment. If I find any more info on this subject I will come back and add.

Until the next thought …

Joy xo

What happened to August? 5 Fact Friday for Aug 24th




Well, well well … I missed last Friday then I missed this Friday … so I think what we’ll do is add my image from Pieces of Me which has five subjects on it for Last week’s image first.

Let’s pretend this is August 24th shall we?

In Beyond Layers two weeks ago our assignment was Pieces of Me … and we were given specific things to photograph then report back for duty.

There were 10 items but I only managed 5 ….. however you never know, the rest will pop up somewhere in the future, I’m sure. This is why I will use this for my 5 facts for now.

I will warn you that as photos go, this was hastily done from capture to post processing. Some of you have done amazing things with your Pieces and I commend you.

My Fave Chair, My Mailbox, Currently Reading, Kitchen Faucet, and Fave Beverage – Coffee

For August 24th 5 Fact Friday

1. I look at my chair and am reminded it needs painting. A nice white should be in order I think. We were given two old beautiful folding Adirondack chairs a few years ago … so comfy and surprisingly this one is easy to get out of. By the way, I see lots of rectangles and converging lines in this image (will be refered to in Day 63 in BL on Finding Shapes) later.

2. Our mailbox is well, old, but it came with the property (we rent) and it has been hit with baseball bats and the like more than once while hooligans are doing their thing in the middle of the night but my husband goes out there, bangs out the dents, secures it back onto the post and puts it back into the ground. We’re still on a Rural Route which I love since so many neighbourhoods have community lock boxes. There is something comforting about walking to the mailbox and opening up the door to see what you get. Much of the time it’s filled with local newspapers and a zillion flyers … a few bills still come this way … and soon my Love Letter to me from me will be in there … of course I will have to take a picture right? The trees behind it are in a tree nursery and is ever-changing with the seasons and when he changes up the product. There used to be a whole bunch of bamboo trees there. I learned a lot about bamboo from that. The area I live in has a lot of nurseries, greenhouses and tree and berry farms.

3. I’m currently reading as recommended by Kim Klassen during our Beyond Layers classes ‘The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron’ … soooooo worth it!  I even started writing my morning pages. It’s incredible how they help to clear your mind to start the day. I missed two days this week due to out of routine mornings and family.

4. My kitchen faucet is just that, water comes out of it  … I hate my kitchen. When working in it … that’s when I so wish we owned our own home. Tired of working with broken appliances and no cupboard doors.

5. My favourite Beverage … – Daily it’s Coffee, any kind of coffee. There is coffee in that cup but I drank it out of view, time to go in for a refill. Love grinding my own … hazelnut this week which is a treat. And when I have the chance to indulge it’s a Toffee Nut Mocha/Chocolate Coffee based Frappe at SB.

So there you have it for Last week … I have so much stuff to add it’s going to take me hours and hours.  It will be interesting once it’s on here. Really … =0)

Till the next thought,

Joy xo




Beyond Layers – Catch Up on Assignment (Day 24 – Now YOU)

Beyond Layers Day 24 – NOW YOU ……. An assignment in Self-Portraits. I’m way behind especially since we’re at Day 60 now.

Wow … it’s been months since this assignment was given and I planned on adding my Self-Portrait long before now.  I was having fun with the camera in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago, … sitting in front of the computer … yeah, … this is when I decide to take a self-portrait? No make-up … tired because I should have been in bed actually sleeping to remedy that but no … I decide to take a picture.  It’s not too bad though … I left it at that and loaded them up another day.

Here is ME saying HI  to all my Beyonder friends … and the rest of you of course if there are any … (peekaboo … I am hoping my kids don’t laugh at me for doing this) … I just look goofy. One day I’ll take a better one but for now … this is ME being silly. And .. holy Cow! My hand looks really FAT! … notice I cut off my chin so you can’t see the four extra chins!!  LOL … sigh*

Love yas …  oh and I tried Xanthe’s horizontal three layout for this one and it worked awesomely!

Just Goofy Old Me … Love YOU

Until the next thought …

xo Joy