Having Fun with the Print Module in Lightroom 3 or 4

Oh my goodness,  I was having some fun in Lightroom with the Print layouts after watching a Behind the Scenes video with Kim Klassen and went back into it to see what I could come up with.

I have always used this module for actual printing but it is awesome to use as a tool for building photo layouts for your blog too!!

I haven’t spent enough time looking through my files to pick and choose what to bring into my Blog folder yet … it’s on my LIST of ‘To Dos’ believe me so I just used what I had there already which was a couple of my blog headers and my Vancouver watercolour pano.

So while there I figure what the heck, post it to my blog.  YOU can do this too with Lightroom 3 and 4 in the PRINT module. It’s very cool and easy peasy.

You can use one of the custom layouts to drag your pictures up to or you can clear the layout, start with a blank page, drag your pictures up onto it and by holding the shift key to constrain proportions while you resize them on the page, you can then move them around to where you want them to sit.

Once you have them laid out to your liking, save it by choosing PRINT TO FILE and it will automatically save it to a jpeg bringing up a dialogue as to where you want it to live for a moment. Remember to choose at least 150 resolution which will still give you good quality for the blog. Also I choose high for sharpening in output.  I just save to my desktop until I finished it in Photoshop unless of course a folder is set up for all the practice stuff in it already.

When you then bring it into Photoshop you can crop, add text, put it into another layout if you like and then save it to WEB which will bring up the web dialogue in relation to the size for your blog etc.

Here is my random layout for today reminding you that I didn’t pre program the sizes of the panoramas because they were already in my system.  There are lots of ideas for future layouts using this system. Kim has Lightroom 4 and I want to get that very soon, but I have Lightroom 3 and it works exactly the same in that version.

Layout using Adobe Lightroom3

Please feel free to email me with questions. This is quite easy to do and the main thing is to practice and have some fun. Added note: Place your images on the page size you want to use, where you want them to live. Once you have done this in Lightroom you cannot change their position in PS so if you are making something where you want to add text such as a small story, leave room for it while you make the template in Lightroom first.

Enjoy and have fun with this!!

Until the next thought …

xo Joy


Be Prepared to Breathe

Romance Your Inner Self

Hello Lovelies,


I recently made my way over to a Blog link as a result of re reading my lessons at Behind the Scenes with Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkeley.

One of the suggested reading was that of Tara Sophia Mohr’s motivational speaking, articles, poems and so much more. It this doesn’t help to get your Creative Self to become visible … I don’t now what will.

The blog is by Tara Sophia Mohr – wise living, and well … OH MY … It was like I was given oxygen …

If you sign up for her newletter, you receive the most awesome ebook – 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook … and more.

Her Blog is beautifully written and speaks to all who read every morsel. I have saved her link, added it to my Blogroll just in case I lose it …

You will be inspired and surprised to see that we all will come away from her wisdom so freely shared and lovingly nudging our creative self.


She is more than motivational, Tara is brilliant!


This one will have you glued to the screen!!

Please check her out and download her wonderful 10 Rules … just to start. I know you’ll love love love

Until the next thought …  Love

Have a lovely Sunday

Joy xo