Be Prepared to Breathe

Romance Your Inner Self

Hello Lovelies,


I recently made my way over to a Blog link as a result of re reading my lessons at Behind the Scenes with Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkeley.

One of the suggested reading was that of Tara Sophia Mohr’s motivational speaking, articles, poems and so much more. It this doesn’t help to get your Creative Self to become visible … I don’t now what will.

The blog is by Tara Sophia Mohr – wise living, and well … OH MY … It was like I was given oxygen …

If you sign up for her newletter, you receive the most awesome ebook – 10 Rules for Brilliant Women Workbook … and more.

Her Blog is beautifully written and speaks to all who read every morsel. I have saved her link, added it to my Blogroll just in case I lose it …

You will be inspired and surprised to see that we all will come away from her wisdom so freely shared and lovingly nudging our creative self.

She is more than motivational, Tara is brilliant!

This one will have you glued to the screen!!

Please check her out and download her wonderful 10 Rules … just to start. I know you’ll love love love

Until the next thought …  Love

Have a lovely Sunday

Joy xo